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Glioma Bio Discovery Portal

      Glioblastoma Bio Discovery Portal (GBM-BioDP at has been replaced by Glioma-bioDP, but can be accessed here without any interruption. GBM-BioDP Users will be automatically redirected to this website as of today. Please change your bookmark since the old URL will be removed eventually.

  The Glioma Bio Discovery Portal (Glioma-BioDP) is a resource for accessing and displaying interactive views of brain cancer related high throughput molecular data from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

  Glioma-BioDP provide in-depth information on low and high grade gliomas. The tool enables user specific queries on individual or between grade comparison:
  1. Query and visualize gene, protein, and microRNA expression profiles.
  2. Allow molecular, clinical and histological subtype comparisons.
  3. Clinically relevant molecular profiles and inspection of predicted gene-microRNA regulatory relationships.
  • GBM
    search TCGA-GBM dataset by genes and miRNAs
  • LGG
    search TCGA-LGG dataset by genes and miRNAs
  • GBM vs LGG
    search both TCGA-GBM and TCGA-LGG dataset by genes and compare results between two TCGA brain cancer studies